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DC Brush Motor Life

Aug 10, 2017

As an electromechanical energy conversion device, DC Brush Motor the electric motor has been applied in every field of national economy and People's daily life. It is well known that the DC motor has the advantages of high operation efficiency and good speed regulation, but the traditional DC motor adopts electric brush to reverse the mechanical method, resulting in high cost, and a series of problems such as mechanical friction, DC Brush Motor shortening of service life, radio interference and reliability.

With the rapid development of social productivity and science and technology, DC Brush Motor the constant renewal of motor products is promoted. After many years of efforts, in order to maintain a brush DC motor good performance and start-up performance of the premise,DC Brush Motor to eliminate deficiencies, people with the use of Hall elements to achieve reversing, with electronic reversing mechanical reversing mechanical device, DC Brush Motor so as to enter the new era of brushless DC motor products.

Brushless DC Motor is also known as "no commutator motor delivery system" or "direct delivery system." Is the AC power rectifier into DC, and then converted from inverter to frequency adjustable alternating current, but note that the inverter is working in the DC chopper mode. DC Brushless Motor (brushless direct current motor, BLDC), using square wave automatic control type Permanent magnet synchronous motor, DC Brush Motor replacing carbon brush commutator with Hall sensor, ND-FE-B is the permanent magnet of the rotor. Product performance beyond the traditional DC motor all the advantages, but also to solve the DC motor carbon brush slip ring shortcomings, digital control, is today the most ideal speed motor.

Brushless DC motor is a high-performance motor, its biggest feature is the external characteristics of DC motor and no brush composed of mechanical contact structure, DC Brush Motor it uses a permanent magnet rotor, no excitation loss, the heat of the armature winding and installed in the outside of the stator, heat dissipation is easy.

Stepper motor is an Open-loop control element which converts electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line displacement. DC Brush Motor In the case of non overloading, the speed and stop position of the motor depends only on the frequency and pulse number of the pulse signal,DC Brush Motor without the influence of the load change.

What is the main difference between the two?

1. Brushless DC motor is higher than stepper motor.

2. Brushless DC motor and stepper motor drive principle is different, DC brushless motor is relying on the hall element positioning to provide the alternating power control rotation. Stepper motor is directly driven by the single pulse voltage, do not need hall element positioning, DC Brush Motor you can control the number of pulses added to the motor to accurately locate the angle of rotation;

3. Based on the principle of drive is not the same, so the general DC brushless motor used to control the precision of the place, stepper motor is used to control the accuracy of higher requirements.