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DC Gearmotor Improve Mechanical Properties

Oct 12, 2017

1, to remove stress annealing: the purpose is to eliminate casting force, DC Gearmotor improve mechanical properties and mechanical processing performance.

2, Graphite Annealing: If the brushless DC motor speed difference is relatively large, in the thin section is easy to form a white mouth, which must be graphite annealing, DC Gearmotor the purpose is to eliminate the white mouth.

3, other materials: there are aluminum alloy brushless DC motor, the heat treatment with the cast iron almost, the purpose is similar, but the important aluminum parts in order to improve the mechanical properties required for solution treatment aging.

4, homogeneous annealing: more important DC brushless motor or other cast iron materials, brushless DC motor, in order to improve the mechanical properties, the need for homogeneous annealing, because the casting process to form a lot of chemical composition segregation, its purpose is uniform Organization, DC Gearmotor to ensure consistent mechanical properties of each section, improve mechanical properties.

The journal is elliptical or the shaft is bent.DC Gearmotor When the motor rotates, due to the rotor gravity and produce interference vibration, the vibration frequency is usually double the motor operating frequency. The bending of the shaft causes an unbalanced weight to rotate at an angular velocity around the static equilibrium position, with the result being the same as the rotor imbalance. DC Gearmotor Journal oval or shaft bending can be measured in the dial indicator in the car, the journal oval must be welded or brush plating after grinding round, the shaft must be corrected when bending processing;

Armature unbalanced. Due to the rotation of the imbalance caused by the quality of the role of centrifugal force, so that the role of the bearing has a rotating force, resulting in the motor and the basic vibration. When the air gap is not uniform, the main pole is not tight or the base, DC Gearmotor the end of the rigidity of the poor, will cause vibration intensified, so check the rotor is not balanced, must be re-dynamic balance;

Seat, end cover important bearing manufacturing error or running deformation. Due to the base, the end of the rotor and other important support parts of the mating surface error tolerance, DC Gearmotor especially large and medium-sized motor running for a long time after the base, cover and other important bearing deformation, the motor in the run-time bearing interference Force, causing motor vibration.

Bearing radial clearance is too large, the outer ring and the cover with the loose. In the assembly, the bearings should be qualified. Bearing and journal, bearing seat must meet the requirements, or to be sprayed or brushing process to deal with, to avoid poor bearing caused by vibration. For wear bearings, DC Gearmotor the motor running when the vibration noise frequency is higher, easier to judge, found that this situation should be replaced bearings;