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Hybrid Stepper Motor Advantage

Oct 27, 2017

Hybrid stepper motor is a combination of permanent magnet and the advantages of the design of the stepper motor. It is divided into two-phase, three-phase and five-phase, two-step steep angle is generally 1.8 degrees, three-phase stepping angle is generally 1.2 degrees, and five-step steep angle is generally 0.72 degrees.

The rotor of the hybrid stepping motor itself has magnetic properties, so the torque generated under the same stator current is greater than that of the reactive stepping motor, and its step angle is usually smaller. Therefore, the economical CNC machine tool generally needs to be mixed Type stepper motor drive. But the structure of the hybrid rotor is more complex, the rotor inertia, its faster than the reactive stepper motor.

Structure and drive method

Domestic production of stepper motor manufacturers a lot of its working principle is the same, following a domestic two-phase hybrid stepper motor 42B Y G2 50C and its drive SH20403 as an example to introduce hybrid stepper motor structure and drive method.

Two - phase hybrid stepper motor structure

Industrial control using the stator pole shown with a small tooth, the number of teeth a lot of the structure, the step angle can be made very small. Phase structure of the stepper motor, the stepped motor winding diagram, A, B two-phase winding along the radial phase, along the stator circumference has 8 protruding magnetic pole, 1,3,5,7 magnetic pole belongs to A phase winding, 2,4,6,8 magnetic pole belongs to B phase winding, the stator has 5 teeth on each pole surface, the pole body has the control winding. The rotor is composed of circular magnet and two-stage iron core. The annular magnet is magnetized in the middle of the rotor, and the two sections are respectively mounted on both ends of the magnet so that the rotor is divided into two magnetic poles. Rotor core evenly distributed on the 50 teeth, two pieces of iron on the small teeth staggered half a tooth pitch, fixed rotor teeth and tooth width of the same.


Hybrid stepper motor is divided into two-phase, three-phase and five-phase: two-step stepping angle is generally 1.8 degrees and five-step stepping angle is generally 0.72 degrees, hybrid stepper motor with the number of (number of conduction winding) Of the increase in stepping angle decreases, improve the accuracy of this stepper motor is the most widely used. The hybrid stepper motor combines the advantages of both reactive and permanent magnet stepper motors: the number of pole pairs is equal to the number of teeth of the rotor and can vary over a wide range as needed.

Rotor position change is small, easy to achieve the best operation control; axial magnetized magnetic circuit, the use of high magnetic energy product of the new permanent magnet material, is conducive to the improvement of motor performance; rotor magnet to provide excitation; in the entire operating area no obvious oscillation