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Hybrid Stepper Motor The Structure Is The Same

Aug 03, 2017

Hybrid (ie HB) stepper motor has two-phase, three-phase, five-phase, Hybrid Stepper Motor the rotor is not related to the number of phases, and the use of the same rotor, Hybrid Stepper Motor this class to two-phase HB hybrid stepper motor as an example to illustrate. Hybrid Stepper Motor The name of the HB type is derived from its rotor structure, and its rotor is a complex of the PM type permanent magnet stepping motor and the VR type variable reluctance reaction type stepping motor rotor. Therefore, the motor is also called a hybrid stepping motor The

HB-type hybrid stepper motor structure for the two magnetic disc sandwiched between a permanent magnet cylinder axial string together, the two magnetic disk of the outer tooth pitch is the same, with the aforementioned VR type variable Magnetoresistive stepper motor rotor structure is the same, Hybrid Stepper Motor the two disc teeth staggered 1/2 pitch installation, the rotor cylindrical permanent magnet axial magnetization end of the N pole, the other end of the S pole.

This type of motor rotor and the previously described PM-type permanent magnet stepper motor rotor from the structure point of view, PM-type rotor N pole and S pole distributed in the rotor outer surface, to improve the resolution, it is necessary to improve the pole pairs, usually 20mm Diameter, rotor can be configured 24 pole, such as increasing the number of poles, will increase the leakage flux, reduce the electromagnetic torque; Hybrid Stepper Motor and HB-type rotor N pole and S pole are distributed in two different soft magnetic disc, it can increase The number of poles of the rotor, so as to improve the resolution, 20mm diameter can be configured 100 poles, and magnetic pole magnetization for the axial, N pole and S pole in the assembly after the two poles, Hybrid Stepper Motor so easy magnetization.

The stator pole corresponding to the rotor tooth has the same diameter as the rotor tooth pitch, and the magnetic flux of the rotor tooth interacts with the air gap to produce electromagnetic torque. Hybrid Stepper Motor This kind of rotor stepper motor is widely used in the near future.

As the magnetic flux of the permanent magnet of the rotor becomes interlocking flux in the stator, when the stator coil flows through the current, according to Fleming's left hand (I is the current, Hybrid Stepper Motor B is the magnetic flux density, L is the coil axial effective Length) to produce electromagnetic torque. Two permanent magnets are sandwiched by a permanent magnet, and the teeth of the rotor differ by 1/2 tooth pitch.

Bearing the gap will be very easy to produce vibration. Hybrid Stepper Motor In fact the stator is very high pole, the number of teeth is even, the purpose is to eliminate this unbalanced electromagnetic force. In fact, with the two rotor teeth relative to the stator, Hybrid Stepper Motor in the axial direction is not divided into two, but the use of silicon steel sheet laminated into one.