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Motor Gradually Replacing The Traditional Electric Motors

Dec 28, 2015

Electronic motor controller is controlled via a friction clutch and "full speed" to run the motor capstan contacts (contact clutch) to control the motor starts and stops and speed, Ningbo Motor Repair clutch control response is slow, and the control of performance also depends on the quality and newness clutch. For non-contact clutch electric motors, electrical controls still need to control two uncoupled force (such as magnetic) contact between the clutch to the kinetic energy of the motor shaft to another side (machine spindle side). Despite the differences between the two clutch principle, but they all have one thing in common, is "full speed" rotating capstan and the machine side of the drive motor through a "soft connection" to achieve, and when the load torque changes from the sewing machine stops when, speed stability, there will be a process, and the speed will be some fluctuations, especially in the machine running at low speed (such as trimming process). This is the main reason for the slow reaction stop control electronic motor speed changes and motor starting.