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Teach You How To Remove The Motor

Dec 28, 2015

(A) by removing the external wiring of the motor, and make a mark, for example, induction motors, three-phase power lines should be prepared with the corresponding mark, for the motor, respectively, should do and field winding, armature windings, etc. and external wiring corresponding tags. Then loosen the screws foot, the motor and drive mechanically separated.

(B) the tools used to disassemble shown on the motor shaft pulley or coupling, sometimes you need to add some kerosene in the gap between the pulley of the motor shaft, making the penetration lubrication, easy removal. Some axle and wheels with a tight, we also need to turn rapidly heated (and with a damp cloth to wrap the shaft) to remove the wheel.

(C) The motor is equipped with rolling bearings, bearing should first remove the cover, then loosen the fastening screw cap, and mark (around two end caps at the seam end cap and base housing mark should not be the same), will remove the end caps of fastening screws into the two holes on the motor cover specifically set, the top of the cap. Without this screw motor, you can only cover the seams and the hammer and the base unit with a chisel (also known as flat shovel), the seat cover from machine to unload. The end cap heavy lifting equipment applications Diaozhu cover, gradually removed.