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Worm Gearmotor Add Items For Oil

Sep 21, 2017

The worm gear reduction motor is designed and manufactured according to the technical quality standard of Q/md1-2000. Products in accord with the national standard GB10085-88 based on worm worm gear parameters, learn the most advanced technology at home and abroad, unique and novel "square box" outside of a lattice structure, the beautiful appearance, with high quality aluminum alloy die casting. Technical parameters: power rate: 0.06KW ~ 7.5KW torque: 2.6N·m ~ 2379N·m transmission ratio: 7.5-100 worm gear deceleration model number: RV25, RV30, RV40, RV50, RV63, RV75, RV90, RV110, RV130. Its function is to control mechanical transmission speed, widely used in industrial machinery field.


1. It can be installed in a variety of installations according to actual requirements, and the six surfaces can be installed.

2. Installation must be firm and reliable;

3. The working mechanism of the original motivation and speed reducer should be carefully studied, and the error shall not be greater than the allowable complement of the coupling.

4. After installation, rotate the hand with the hand, and it must be flexible and without a lag

Add items for oil

Many users are not clear worm gear deceleration motor oil quantity for how much, add worm gear reducer lubrication under what circumstances, some users don't even know is to stop state or measure of oil running condition.

Please follow and add the amount of oil to the instruction manual. Add oil to 2/3 of the oil window. And this data is in the down state, note: do not add lubricating oil in the condition of worm gear reduction. Because in the process of worm gear deceleration chance done, its internal components gear or worm gear rotates to drive the internal working of lubricating oil, if in this case judging worm gear deceleration motor oil quantity, may be full, may be less than two-thirds of the oil window, may even have no lubricating oil.

So in worm gear deceleration chance down the state judgment, there is a gap with the actual oil oil amount is large, suggest in the worm gear reducer to stop running state to measure oil and add the right amount of lubricating oil.

Support selection

Worm gear reducer installed in principle is based on the worm gear reducer output to determine the size of the diameter of axle reducer stent models, as long as the interface forms and sizes, reducer output shaft size within a certain range can make more hits on reducer stent models. If the mounting dimension of the reducer is not in conformity with the speed reducer bracket, we can connect the speed adjusting plate and the reducer in a certain range to meet the user's requirements.

Selection of speed reducer. In principle is according to the size of the diameter of axle reducer output to determine the frame model, as long as the interface forms and sizes, reducer output shaft size within a certain range can be decreased to the frame model. If the mounting size of the reducer is not in conformity with the frame, we can connect the speed adjusting plate and the reducer to meet the user's requirement.

No fulcrum reinforcement. The machine strengthens the bearing point without shaft. The stirring shaft is the bearing support bearing of the two supporting bearings of the output shaft of worm gear reducer, which can be used to transmit the small power, not to be subjected to or only to the small axial load, stirring not too strong agitating device. The coupling of mixing shaft and reducer must be used with a rigid coupling, especially with JQ type clamshell coupling or SF type three-point coupling.

The material selection

The worm gear reducer is not well prepared in processing technology and material, it can cause the transmission failure. It is also the problem that the gear reducer may encounter when making parts, such as the hardness of the hard surface speed reducer, and the unreasonable design of the screw lift bearing design.

Due to large worm drive meshing friction, worm gear hob is difficult to accurately backoff size and shape error. As a result of that the worm gear tooth surface is very difficult to work out and the worm tooth surface match completely to meet the requirements of the theory of conjugate condition. Therefore, the worm and worm gear tooth should have both wear resistance and good running performance.

Worm materials generally made of alloy steel or high quality carbon steel, and worm gear tooth surface by carburizing, quenching and nitriding heat treatment and high hardness, its hardness is between 35-55 HRC in general, but also has more than 60 HRC.

The materials used for worm gear ring are the most ideal in tin bronze, and the mechanical properties of centrifugal casting are the best in the process of processing, followed by casting with metal mould, with the least use of sand mold